On Tap

There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. For example, while I was having a ball in City of Heroes, playing that for days on end proved a tad monotonous. I needed something else to do, and dodging the various vices the Internet had to offer, I somehow ended up over at Gametap. It was free, at least some of the games were, so what was the harm in trying it out?

I found Twinklestar Sprites to be a delightful, not only because of slick gameplay, but also in a tooth-rotting sweet, kitschy anime sort of way.

After dabbling with a few of the free games, both old and relatively new, I found myself enthralled with just how many cool games I’ve missed. Second Sight, Twinklestar Sprites, and Metal Slug was some of the exceptional games that stood out. It wasn’t long until I began to dabble with their game database and notice that there were many interesting masterpieces just out of reach…

Is there such a thing as too much of everything at once? For $59.95 ($10 more than a new game) paid yearly (which works out to $5 a month) I’m about to find out. I’ve already created a playlist full of a whole bunch of awesome games that I missed when they were, you know, new. I also look forward to playing the latest Sam & Max second series gratis.

I highly recommend that even non-Gametap subscribers try Psychonauts, which is free until the end of December. However, be forewarned, once you sample some of the games on tap, you may well find yourself digging out that credit card.

As for me, I’ve three weeks off, and I’m thinking I’ll be spending it alternating between City of Heroes and GameTap.

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