More Original Hack Music

I’ve mostly been trying to figure out if there exists a character in which I can enjoy Neverwinter Nights 2 with lately. You won’t see many entries on that because I saved them off-Blog as drafts — it’s mostly me using my Blog as a scratch pad. However, that’s behind us now – today is Creative Content Friday!

Creative Content Fridays are something I have not observed as often as I’d have liked. The goal isn’t neccessarily to create something create so much as to give myself practice in doing so.

This week, I’ve a musical clip I put together in Ableton Live. It seems if I ever got around to writing computer games, I’ve the musical scores covered.

Music: “Razzorburn”

Like it or hate it, I still think buying a copy of Ableton LE 6.0.10 was the best $200 I ever spent. Maybe next semester I’ll see about shelling out for a copy of Adobe Flash.

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