Virtual Fashion Slaves and Mercenaries Ahoy

“The World Ends With You” is indeed proving to be a pretty solid Square-Enix title. I’m not going to bother writing out a whole review about it, but I will mention a few features I found cool:

  • They more than doubled the challenge of typical JRPG action combat by requiring you control separate fights on two screens at once.
  • They separated individual stylus gestures into equipped “pins.” It’s like a mini game for every equipped weapon.
  • The artistic style, which exudes pure creative talent, exalts Japanese and youth culture to a fantastic (likely better than life) degree.
  • The JPop/Trance music is an unusual choice that lends a unique flavor to the game.
  • The plot somehow makes the main characters’ forced slavery (“do this in x amount of time or be erased”) downright hip.
  • There’s a Tamagotchi-like system that allows your characters to digest only so much stat-enhancing food in a 24 (real life) hour period. (Your equipped “pins” also level up while not playing.)
  • There’s nice additional features such as wireless-compatible mini games (perhaps as to be expected from the makers of Crystal Chronicles).

What we have here is a definite gem of a game. It’s little wonder GameFly is having a hard time getting these back from their renters.

While I generally enjoy the artistic talent that went into “The World Ends With You,” there is one noteworthy flaw in the character design. I’m a little distracted when nearly every cutscene clubs me with Shiki’s overexposed thighs. Youth culture fashion or not, that’s a pretty provocative outfit, and this draws undue attention from the game. In any case, I honestly didn’t buy the game with this in mind.

[Edit: I notice I’m getting some hits from people looking for information on how to rip sprites. I’m afraid I don’t do that myself, the above link was generated from a simple Google search, and I grieflinked it as a lazy form of citation.

For information on ripping sprites, you’re going to want to check with the hosting site, as it has some information on that including tutorials and a forum. As for me, I don’t rip sprites, I try to use my own content or content in the public domain whenever possible.]

2 Responses

  1. How did you got that image? I’m interested about tweaking with the game’s textures. Thank you.

  2. Sorry, I should have cited my sources better. As you can see in the link, it’s hosted at I didn’t create the image, you’re going to have to ask over there how they got those. Their contact information page is at, but it seems the owner would prefer you ask over the forums if you can’t understand the tutorials on that site.

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