Loosen up, squishypants

My latest major changes to this Blog have been to cut down on this:

Mentally, of course.

Basically, by writing about whatever I was playing lately, I fell down a slippery slope. I was writing about desperate attempts to enjoy games I was long bored of. Like boring computer games were some kind of Rubik’s Cube that unlock the fun when solved. Consequently, my entire Blog became buried under the deep porous ectoplasm of mental wankery.

After an extensive jog on the treadmill that woke up parts of my brain long covered with cobwebs, I was motivated to remove said entries. Now, my Blog looks like this:

Much of the remaining entries of this Blog depress the hell out of me. They’re boring, academic-yet-casual writing that serve mostly to whine about life’s imperfections. Probably because when I was writing them, I was a boring, academic-yet-casual, malcontent in real life.

I had details – quarter-life crisis, no social life, pc gaming sucks, yadda yadda – but I cut them because I was getting off track. What I’m saying is that things are taking a turn for the better. In fact, overall life conditions have improved enough that I’m now able to realize just how much of a sourpuss I’ve been.

I’ve decided it’s time to try to loosen up.

I was reading up Coyote’s Blog lately (the style of which I largely ripped off for this entry) and I noticed an interesting thing: He had long entries I was willing to read from start to finish.

What he was writing wasn’t funny or insightful… it was good mixture of both. It heralded both to the academic geekdom of my lifestyle and the smiling wisdom of the modern Buddhist monks I’ve cautiously exalted from afar.

Well okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that good, but that’s what I saw that I decided to aspire for. He’s got a good style, not only for a Blog, but also for a attitude in life. All this academia and abuse I have been soaking up lately has really soured my attitude and, in the end, attitude is everything. It’s time to remember how to smile again.

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