Fallout 3’s Ending Sucks

[Edit: This refers to the state of Fallout 3 before the Broken Steel expansion]

For the most part, Fallout 3 is a great game (at least if you were already expecting a Fallout-flavored Oblivion).  However, after 25 hours and 20 levels, I’ve reached the ending… and it sucks.

I won’t spoil it, but I will say it had these problems:

  • The developers force the game to end – you can’t keep playing after you finish the main quest line, it just recaps and dumps you back to the title screen.
  • The main story arc really isn’t all that long – a sufficiently powerful character using fast travel could probably buzz through the whole thing in about 2-4 hours.
  • There’s no hurdle to surmount at the end, the final “boss” (if it could be called such) can be dispatched in one round of combat.
  • Because it ends so quickly, the main quest excludes most of the game world.
  • In going for a significant twist ending, they absolutely robbed the player of any control over the outcome.  That’s a waste of the interactive medium games offer.
  • The ending cinematic are pretty much based on karma level and whether or not you do a couple things at the end.  That trademark Fallout recap at the end has been severely cut short.
  • Three words: Level 20 Cap.

I’m not complaining about the story so much – it’s a good story ,even though it has some plot holes here and there.  The trouble is that a game is not a suitable vehicle to deliver such a rushed, final ending.  It’s a critical flaw in a game that endeavors to behave like an open-ended world: “Welcome to our world… but you’re done now: get the hell out.”

Basically, most of the game sets the players’ expectations on something significantly better, and it is dashed to pieces by the way they handled the ending alone.  Aside from the ending, the game is great.  In many peoples’ minds, the game goes from “game of the year” to “forgettable rental” in the last hour of the game.

Unless Bethesda releases some kind of really well done patch to revise (read: significantly extend) the end of Fallout 3, Fallout 4 or any expansions they have planned will undoubtedly be a rental for me.

What follows is comedy based on some of the plot holes in the main story, but consequently has spoilers in it, so read at your own risk.

Your dad in Fallout 3 is a cool enough guy in demeanor, you can’t help but sympathize with him as being the doting father that loves you (the main character).  However, his actions speak louder than words.

<He leaves Vault 101 without telling you.>

Dad: “Dear Son, if you’re reading this note, you probably pried it off Jonas’ corpse. What a sucker! I only want what’s best for you, so I’m locking you in Vault 101 now that it’s falling apart and everybody’s being eating alive by Radroaches.”

Son/Daughter: “I guess it’s better than being out there in the wasteland, right?”

Dad: “That’s right. Well, actually, I love being out in the wasteland.  I snuck out there several times. Oh, by the way, be sure to thank the Overseer for overlooking my absence in the past while rigidly sticking to the prime directive when you comes to confining you.”

Son/Daughter: “Gee, dad, thanks. I do so love living with sociopaths that will shoot me if I try to leave. *sigh*”

<After a long and arduous journey, you rescue your dad.  You and him finally arrive at Rivet city and he immediately drafts Dr. Long into service to work on Project Purity.>

Dad: “We’ll restore clean drinking water to everyone!”

Dr. Long: “I’m actually making pretty good progress right now, you know? You even mention it in your notes.”

Dad: “Come on, lets get clean drinking water sooner rather than later.”

Dr. Long: “Well, just so long as it’s safe.”

Dad: <lie> “Oh, it’s safe, alright. I don’t think it’s even necessary for my son/daughter here to ask the nearby Brotherhood for an escort on this one.”

Dr. Long: “Damn it, after this you owe me a drink.”

Son/Daughter: “Hmm, are those Enclave choppers I hear in the distance? *sigh*”

<Your father kills himself in a pointlessly selfless act.>

Dad: “Run, son/daughter!”

Son/Daughter: “Jesus, dad, I can take a few Enclave members.  Hell, I could probably even use the gear off their corpses.”

Dad: “I said run! With my dying breath, I claim this armor in the name of me! *dies*”

Son/Daughter: “Gee, dad, thanks. *sigh*”

<You complete project purity and die horribly.>

Dad’s Ghost: “Together at last! You really are Daddy’s little Girl/Boy.”

Son/Daughter: “Man, that radiation is so high that even my articulate radiation-resistant super mutant friend refused to do it.  Why did you boobytrap Project Purity with so much damn radiation, anyway?”

Dad’s Ghost: “<lie> That was just a coincidence caused by the Enclave damaging it or something, really.”

Son/Daughter: “Oh, well, I guess that’s alright then. *sigh*”

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  1. Yeah Fawkes’s bullshit about destiny or fate or some crap was a pretty big cop out on Bethesda’s part.

  2. I know! I baught the game the day it came out and seriously regret it! I mean at least let us play after the ending and I just fucking love how you can’t send Fawkes in there! I seriously thought it was amazing until the game pretty much forces you to end it after you find the G.E.C.K. and 200 endings is bullshit. there are ( to me) no more than about 8 endings that are remotely different from eachother. I’m going to sell it back ASAP. before this awful ending it wasn’t waste of 14 hours and 60 dollars, after, well not so much.

  3. They raped fallout. They bent it over and had at it. No detailed dialogue of what happens after you beat the game? All the dialogues related to the side quests are what made the endings in the original fallout so awesome. Fawkes is all but immune to radiation and yet he wouldn’t do it. I popped up about a 40 rad packs to protect me against it. But someone had to make that sacrifice or they would not be happy.

    Don’t buy the game. Just avoid it. Bethesda has earned a spot on my do not play list. I agree the game was pretty good up to the bend it over ending. But the ending is enough to earn the game a boycott spot.

  4. I agree, fallout 3 ending blows. Bethesda did a terrible job. I could have sent my my rad resistant robot ally, Fawkes or Charon to ghoul to press the button then everyone could have walked a way happy. sigh

    Why didn’t they add those small shows from fallout 1 and 2. i wanted to know the aftermath of megaton or if my actions in rivet city had an effect. Its like my effort being a good guy didn’t pay off.

    Colonel autumn is also a terrible villain. Two blast of my rocket launcher and hes dead. He didn’t even have any thing interesting to say. His motivations ware nearly non existent. Bethesda should just hire new writers.

  5. Spoilers a plenty, but if your reading this thread thats too late to avoid anyways.

    I am going to have to agree that giving you a super powered radiation immune sidekick about 30 minutes before having to go into a radiation filled room to save humanity is rather dull on there part. Especially after even having him do that EXACT thing to get GECK in the first place.

    They could have at the VERY least if you ask him have him say “Even I cannot survive that amount of radiation” or “This is special X radiation that will even kill me” instead of… “HAHA your going to die and after, I will go in and loot your corpse because im immune to the radiation.”

    Side note: Amata? whore?
    Her farther begins shooting at me and I defend myself, she says she cant forgive me and tells me to go away.
    Long time later, she sends me a specific message asking to save them from new overseer. I talk to new overseer who begins shooting me .. Amata then assumes the role as overseer and kicks me out of my own home FOREVER.

    I was going for the “Good” karma ending and this was the hardest part for me, after she said I would have to leave forever after I simply defended myself at her behest. I REALLY REALLY wanted to go thru vault 101 and kill every single member.maybe even drop a mini nuke on top of a mine inside the main door so if anyone ever does go back in the hell hole they will die for their efforts.

  6. What I’m waiting to see is how any mods would deal with it. With Oblivion, you had the open ending, so you could create mods that explored beyond the world’s boundaries. This ending just seems like it’s cut off its entire potential…it’d be awesome if they made an expansion for The Pitt, New York, etc. All I can see them do know is some kind of “you can forget about your daddy for a bit and go to New York” or “you come back to life as a result of the miraculous Brotherhood medical robot” or something stupid like that. Playing Oblivion past the ending bored me to tears…but I’d keep playing F3 past its ending simply for potential quest mods and the like. And yes, the ending was way, way too short. Rushing the game out for the holiday season was lame…I could have waited for a real cinematic that just made me feel good for running around doing chores for freaking forever.

  7. I Canot Actuali Believe It 😦

    I Was ADDICTED To The Game.. I Made It Soo Personal.. I Hardly Discovered Half Of The Places.. Hadnt Dicsoverd Half Of The Weapons.. Hadnt Even Started Aome Of The Side Quests.. And I Literaly Got Level 20 When I Killed Conel Autum And His Enclave Body Guards! I Was Looking Forward To Being A Ninja Having Pretty Much Unlimited VATS And Exploring Everything And Everywhere. And I Left Dogmeat And Vault 101! Well At Least Hes Living The Life!

    I Cant Believe It. Im Sooooo Gutted And Angry :L

    Bethesda Got Very Lazy And Have Left Alot Of People Dissaponted.

    Now I Have To Start The Game Again! This Time Dont Go To Vault 87 And Get The GECK

  8. so true. What is the point of toiling in this game if in the end, a Super sized robot does all the work for you and you dont have to face even one difficult obstacle in the climax. Hell two enclave soliders and an officer did not even come close to killing me. Not to mention they were outnumbered by the npcs that were with me alone. LAME. Makes me feel like i wasted a lot of time on nothing. just supid, and how could they skip the signature endings? HOW!

  9. Ha, The camera angle was so bad, I could not see a thing when Colnel whats his face, and his goons showed up. The Lyons chick and Mr. Muttie killed them while I just stood there, trying to get a glimpse of what the hell was going on.

    The end was very subpar, and a disappointment to all.

  10. Ridiculous.

    How the hell are they gonna fit DLC into this if you died?

    Awesome game, worst ending of a game I’ve ever seen. Good thing I had a previous save, so now I can still go do stuff. 🙂

  11. […] interesting how many hits I received from Google searches alone about how much Fallout 3’s ending sucks.  I guess that more people are coming finish it at this point, about a couple weeks after its […]

  12. Playing fallout 3 was great. I spent all of 58 HOURS completing every major quest in the game as well as most of the small ones (never bothered to get that violin or whatever). I played a “good” character, as good as I could do, anyway, torturing myself with possible scenarios for each decision I made (oasis, anyone?). I couldn’t wait to see how the designers had twisted each of my decisions to their delicious end. Then I killed the colonel with a SINGLE SHOT and furrow-browed, entered the chamber I could have built myself (science, repair skill 100), and sacrificed myself for nothing… AND ENDED UP WITH THE WORST ENDING OF ALL TIME. Some black and white bull**** memory flashes? They didn’t even address 1/20th of the quests I did, decisions I made. Any replay value was destroyed for me. Its been a week and I’m still sick about this game’s ending.

  13. What can be said that hasn’t been said by those before me?

    I’m disappointed; I read somewhere they started this project in 2004…

    “oh yeah, we should probably add an ending.”

  14. Great game. horrible ending. I have been playing aroud for quite a while now because I had heard that upon completing the game it ends. So I figured I would explore everything first. After a while though curiousity got the best of me so I completed the game to see how it ended. I figured I would just restore after i finished and continue exploring. Wow, what a mistake that was. I just finished the game about 5 minutes ago and the first thing I did was go to google and searched for “Fallout3 ending sucks” and this is how I ended up here. I guess I am not alone. All the hard work I put into the game thinking the ending would be more like the original fallouts was a big waste of time. Hardly a mention af any deeds or affects of my desicions at the end. What about Megaton? What about Penny Towers? Nothing, absolutly nothing. I am so dissapointed that I don’t even want to go back and continue exploring. I mean what for??? The ending to me, just ruined what I thought to be an outstanding game. I just really dont have anything else to say other than I am just damn dissapointed. 😦

  15. >Michael Says:
    >You know there’s a mod to continue playing right?

    There is now, but there wasn’t when I wrote this entry.
    Would that a simple mod to continue playing was enough to fix the ending.

  16. I agree fully, the ending blows, and I hated the fact that the things I loved most about all the fallouts being able to get my hands on brotherhood of steel armor and plasma weapons, and was very bummed out that you can only get to wear the gear and get the weps near the very end of the game, I was expecting there to a huge war with the Enclave, something that woulda lasted like half an hour trying to work through (like some of the carefully entrenched super mutants in fallout tactics) but instead it was so short and a giant robot got to have all the fun. Very Lame!

  17. I agree with the above! The rad level for me in the end was +1. I wasn’t even near dying.

    I had the following: 1. Environment suit = Rad res +30 %
    2. 44 Rad-X, 1 Rad-X = Rad res +75 %
    3. 27 Rad Away
    4. Cyborg perk = +10 % rad res
    5. Survival guru perk = +6% rad res
    6. 66 steampacks

    The end sucked big time, the radiation level barely affected me at all, so when I died I thought what the hell! I had 100% hp and no radiation damage!

    The worst ending ever!

    • ending sucks true true but u dont die u get knocked out and so does sarah lyons and u wake up 2 weeks later in the brother expasion

      • ending sucks true true but u dont die u get knocked out and so does sarah lyons and u wake up 2 weeks later in the brother expasion

        You should keep in mind that this post was long before the Broken Steel expansion, and even has been modified to include a editor’s note about this.

  18. O yeah I am mad. Fucking. I. Want. To. Keep. Playing! but they just wont fucking let me. I only reached level 15 on my char and i thought (based on previous oblivion exp) that i had a hellova way to go. Boy was i wrong. I guess, i could start again? fuck no.

    omg im ripping my hair out, (just finished like 30 seconds ago and had my “huh?” moment)

    game only took me about a week to play through, so anti climactic

  19. What I consider most disappointing is the fact that a proper ending could have been so easy. And I’m not talking about the screwed up storyline, but a few rather simple rules:

    1. NEVER kill off the lone wanderer (especially not entirely pointlessly). Part of the magic in the previous Fallout games was that they were essentially open ended. So the vault dweller saved vault 13 and defeated the master – only to become an outcast. What is he going to do now? Well, Fallout 2 gave a proper answer to that question, and sent yet another lone wanderer out into the unknown. Fallout 3 on the other hand just kills him off in the most unnecessary fashion imaginable with a radiation-immune mutant standing next to him rambling something about fate, dying to preserve a machine that might have been rebuilt.

    2. Tie up the loose ends. I don’t know what it costs to have Ron Perlman narrate for say half an hour, but Bethesda should have paid him regardless. So very many open questions remained unanswered, or even worse, completely neglected:

    1: What ever happens to Amata and Vault 101? Will the vault prosper or perish? Will Amata and the PC ever have another chance?
    2: What happens to the towns I saved, like the loser convention called Bigtown? Are those guys eaten alive by the next bunch of raiders that comes along or will they be the foundation of a new metropolis?
    3: While we’re at it, what happens to the towns I converted to radioactive vapor? Okay, I guess the future options for Megaton are somewhat limited seeing that it’s now literally just a whole in the ground, but it still would have been worth mentioning.
    4: What about all those characters like Three Dog, Reilly, Moira and all the other guys?

    It would have been so easy to just add a single screen shot and a few seconds of narration answering those questions (and the several hundred other ones I omitted here). When I completed Fallout 1 after endless hours of game time, I was so amazed by the ending sequence that I immediately started a new game.

    3. The world of Fallout is a dark, lonely place with very little room for hope. Admittedly, the game captured this to some extend. But then, suddenly, we’re inside a ‘base’ with a design that might have been fitting for UFO: Enemy Unknown, have the evil mastermind blow itself up just because I asked him to (what a dumb dialog), follow a 30 feet high robot on a rampage and easily shoot our way through the entire enclave. That’s what I would have expected from a game mod done by a 14 year old with very little imagination who thinks giant robots and tons of explosions are cool. It completely broke the atmosphere of the game.

    4. Finally, drama is about timing. There are some things Bethesda did right – just to ruin them right away. The dialog starting with the father who gave up the future of mankind for his only child, very dramatic, but very fitting. The final lines narrated by Perlman, absolute must-have, but very badly arranged into the ‘video’. Finally, the photo of James and the PC taken on his/her 10th birthday: Yes! Perfect symbol, you could not have chosen a better ending scene. But instead of using this very powerful image, letting it get to the viewer, maybe adding some music, slowly fading out, it is shown for 2 seconds and CUT! wer’re back to the main menu? That actually hurt physically. It’s like cutting off Braveheart’s final outcry and switching to the commercials right after “freed…” (which, ironically, a local TV station once did).

    Amazing game. Unforgivably bad ending.

  20. I went ahead and edited this entry to reflect that the Broken Steel DLC will apparently revise the ending so the game lasts another 4 hours. What we’re playing now, apparently, isn’t the real ending anymore. Unfortunately, we won’t know until March 2009 if what they come up with is better, and we’ll have to pay for it.

  21. I agree I couldn’t have been more disappointed. Fawkes is so righteous about going in to the radiated area of vault 87, but absolutely refuses to help you activate project purity. Not only that it calls you a “coward” for sending Lyons to do it in hopes of being able to play afterwards. Not only that but they lock the fucking doors so you cant go out and do side quests instead.

  22. I agree. I seriously hated the shit out of this game at the end. But thats life for ya. Its fucking amazing throughout the entire time u play it, but shit happens and boom u gotta restart from ur emergency save u had during the “save vault 101” quest and do all that other important stuff u dont wanna do again like saving fucks(fawks)….FUCK, BETHESDA WHY DID U DO THIS TO ME? but i guess it is pretty good they did that..i played that game like 24/7 so i can go outside and get some fresh air. Either way. in the end, theres always someone or thing to piss the hell out of you like walking all the way across dc following Your damn dad that left u to get eaten by radraoches or shot to death by security guards, just to get to a ripped in half boat to save D.C…well im telling you, walking to rivet city wasnt worth the trouble.

    • actually you know you can fast travle to rivit city then as soon as you talk to that scientest person in the science lab all the sudden your dad runs through the lab door allthough there is a delay so be patient

  23. I just finished the game… why… just why…

    How much fucking time could it have possibly taken them to add some cinematics to the end, the main reason the end sucks so much dick is because…


    The ending of this game was so horrible… and how about your super mutant buddy talking about fucking destiny and fate? “Hey, bitch, do you want me to get killed by fucking radiation? No? Okay then, get in there and hit the pretty buttons, do you think you can handle that?” Or Charon’s bitching about how hes saved your ass enough already. “Hey, Charon, you know how ghouls arn’t affected by radiation? Well, i will, and ill die, and i dont want to die. Seeing as how you can easily save my life, by hitting 4 buttons, why dont you go ahead and take care of that?”

  24. Well I just finished this game as well and I am glad I put so much time into seeing how all the side quests end differently before I did the main quest because after that pile of puke they call an end I will never go back to that game again! It’s your destiny to die of radiation to start a purifier that someone else would have started if you would have left them alone! Why did I have to take it back?? That didn’t make any sense! We are taking it back so we can die when we turn it on. Did it really matter who flipped the fucking switch? I think not! I don’t get why the enclave were such bad people, I liked President Eden. And killing all the mutated things what’s wrong with that? I mean wont the world be better without mutated creatures? And then the followers telling you to go die… I just shot Fawks when he told me it was my destiny to die of radiation poisoning. My exact words were “You son of a bitch mutant bastard I saved your ass for this!?!” I then proceeded to unload my gun on his face! And then that code! It took me ten minutes going through all of my notes before it dawned on me that my retarded father would make it that dumb revelation number! That really got me pissed. This game was great until the developers decided that the ending should make you feel like you were punched in the face, and they did well at that. Also I got to level twenty way to quick. I was level twenty fifteen hours in so I decided there was no point in making things hard any longer so I went from the hard setting to the very easy one just because there was no longer any point to make things difficult. This games ending pissed me off more than the movies Cloverfield and The Happening combined. That right there is a major accomplishment!!!

  25. i was realy pissed when i got to the end, reading the ones above shows most of you hated not fighting at end but me at level 14 i was happing looting the corpses. i was looking forward to selling the loot and getting tons of caps plus being able to run around in the power armor. i used loads of radaways and stimpaks when in there and it turns out im doomed anway so i tried getting fawkes to do it but he gos on about some shitty thing he wont rob ffrom me ,so i told the girl to do it and she dies and i still cant carry on playing. im so gutted.

  26. Horrible ending… now Fawkes can now pick up a truck-load of special weapons (I got *every* one in the game) from my molecular remains.

    I didn’t realize the game ended then..I was looking forward to waking up in a hospital or something, like the way the beginning started off. When I realized that wasn’t happening, I was so pissed at Fawkes….destiny crap.

  27. Yes indeed; a too spent a great deal of time pouring over in game decisions–what each possible outcome may be. I didn’t really get into Oblivion; to Renaissance for my tastes; but Fallout seems great! Man I was very excited about this game. Then when I teamed up with Falke (I turned up the difficulty to very hard) the fun was taken out of the game. He just mowed everyone down and appeared to be invincible. And then the ending!!! Don’t get me started on the ending. TERRIBLE!! What a jerry rigged, thrown together, flat out joke of an ending! And for the years top game?! Give me a break. It was obviously cut short of the designers original plan for an ending. There should have been a lot more of the main quest after the purifier and I should have been able to control the big robot. The list goes on ladies and gentlemen. This game had great potential, you don’t put a silk hat on a pig so why would you paint a poop mustache on the Mona Lisa

  28. Well……….. you guys said it, the ending suck ass

  29. Fawkes was the reason I made sure to doom all mutants on my way in to die. That, and I spent the entire game killing the man-eating beasts by the score. For that, I get a virtual “tsk, tsk” from Bethesda?

    What is with these piss-poor endings to epic games? Bioshock, Fallout 3, Mass Effect…

    You want a good ending to an action RPG? The Witcher. ‘Nuff said. Of course, that game is based on an actual series of novels.

  30. I picked up the game put it on very hard, just started doing the quests and beat the game in about 16 hours, didn’t even know what I was doing, but hey I hit lvl 14, ROFL. This game is a sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick joke of a game. Please if you haven’t paid the money for this pile of flamming trash, DON’T. You can easily beat it in 2 day rental time and you won’t feel like a dumb tool, this will be the last time I buy anything from Bethesda. Unless you read something about a hotfix to the trash ending and extending the trash 16 hours of main story content, or that it even gives the game a plot, as the plot in this game was very bad and made no sense. The main storyline had me into the game expecting a giant battle between steel and enclave, but then after getting this feeling, the game ended 10 minutes later, with a giant robot doing all the killing, while I literally did NOTHING, but kill 3 guys before killing myself.

  31. WTF has happened to Bethesda???? There is no fucking way I will be buying any so called expantion to “revise” the fucking stupid ending they made!! This shit should be free!! NO!! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUT IN THE FUCKING GAME BEFORE YOU RELEASED IT!!!!

    Revised MY ASS!!! I wont be buying anything else from bethesda put it that way!!

  32. Just when my girlfriend was starting to enjoy watching me play Fallout 3, and just when I was getting to enjoy it really (the first half of the main plot were very dull to me, “your dad went this way, your dad went thataway” like a Bugs Bunny cartoon), it ends!

    Uninstalled from my system, returned for a refund. Good riddance.

  33. Are most of you even bothering to do the side-quests? From how fast you’re getting to the end it doesn’t seem like it. There’s a ton of awesome things to be found out there, and the story that goes along with these side-quests are absolutely amazing. There’s even a crashed alien landing out there that you can find by its fading distress signal.

    Yeah, the ending really sucked because I didn’t get to find out if the things I had done really made a difference in the world (which i know they would, but don’t know what exactly would happen). Especially about the Oasis…that’s a HUGE one. However…I still put in around 75 hours into the game before even beating it, and it was completely worth it.

  34. I agree with all, I had bought this game in Jan 09 and being near 30 my job took priority and gaming came on wekend, here my vacation in March and I have scoured all of the southern region and discovered map marker for the Oasis, but go on to beat vault 87 ect… I have Charon loaded down eaiting at Twopenny.. even though I got abductd I made my followers wait before getting geck.
    Had Fawkes loaded down…have not been anywhere near the north part o the map and I GET THIS SHIT BISCUIT ENDING! Be like GTA games where you can at least keep exploring. There are some of the tightest quest still to be done and you can’t get to them.
    Another thing why can you have paladin Cross or Charron and Dogmeat, but no other players at the same time..that blows!! I had a RL-3 robot and dogmeat but could not get Charon. UGH! 3 months o building up for this???

  35. Wait-Wait!!! I got to the end, have 30 Rad-Aways & 25 RadX… I just don’t know the code to the purifier to have a successful ending it is a typical key pad, you have no clue as to how many numbers, or long it is even!!! Yes, Yes, the damn robot kills everything, and the ending is kinda lame… but I have it in my mind to win if I can figure the damn key pad out!

  36. @Jay: The key is in your notes.

  37. […] the game all the way up to the ending, but during those last two hours it went from awesome to sucking.  I was so upset, I figured the best thing to do was just to leave Dad in his little pod and let […]

  38. just beat it- the first fallout i’ve played. the ending did suck and for me, the primary reason was the first one noted in the article- the inability to complete side after finishing the main one.

  39. i agree with every1 else that this fucken game is bullshit…and i enjoyed playing it until the ending.and it damnwell turned out to be shitty and will NEVER buy a bethesda game again

  40. the game is great…but the ending SUCKS!!!!!+no playable ever after….IT SUCKS HARD!!!!!!

    I Wish they will understand the lesson for the next title…this things made me think to Download it play it and then if its good…i buy!….that’s it that’s all…!

  41. just finished it for the first time. yeah, Put me down for “Swearing of Bethesda for life”.

  42. Same here…Heard great things about the Fallout brand and decided to try F3 for my playstation. All of that work! I got all my heavy weapons and my power armor up to 100% for this?!?! Not to mention the obvious plot holes with faulks (radiation proof my ass).

    Very disappointing…

  43. What a bunch of winging losers.. The game is probably the best game I have ever played in over 30 years of quality gaming right down to the original Ultima series of the 80s.. And the silly little girls winging on this page make me sick. You’ve no idea how good you’ve got it and how much of an amazing game Fallout 3 really is (I suspect you bunch of girls have never played the predecessors either, let alone classics like Dark Sun or Might and Magic). YOU ALL SUCK..

    Oh and to answer all your pricy little girl crying – BUY THE EXPANSION PACKS LOSERS. Then you can have your nice little endings AND carry on playing to sell all your kit and level up to infinity etc etc.

    PS Get girlfriends and jobs too – it will help you lead happier and more fulfilling lives away from just your Xbox and porn on the PC..

  44. Tricky call about whether or not I should have approved that last comment. On one hand, everyone is entitled to their opinion. On the other hand, apparently expressing your opinion about Fallout 3’s ending means “YOU ALL SUCK” according to this guy.

    • Yeah. No ganging up on people. Cuz…the Bethesda developers aren’t people? Trash FO3 all you want but diverging opinions must be neutralized. I’m with him this whole forum needs a tube of Vagasil.

  45. Hmm. Possibly I was a bit harsh. A bad day..

    And seriously – its been a long time since any software house has brought out anything as quality as Fallout 3. But I eat humble pie on the more extreme parts of my commentry.. A bit over the top! 🙂

  46. ending was crap i was only level evlen figured id get the main story out of the way frist then have some fun but they completely ruined that idea when i finished 😦

  47. I spent 79 hours on the game. 79 FUCKING HOURS, and for a shit ending. Thanks so much Bethesda.

  48. ok this is my beef… i played this for a month when i had some spare time and i didnt get to find half of the places and wepons and the wepons i did find i didnt use half of them cuz i was saving up for some big ass battle COMPLETE waste of time… and just when i thought “oh finally someone made a game worth playing” but no thats it im done shelling out all the freaking money on these stupid games. luckly i barrowed this from a friend but i lost my faith in the gaming industry the last few games that i have gotten sucked…the last one that i got that didnt suck was modern warfare but without xboxlive that would have sucked too. thats it im going back to my super nintendo and the NES! fuck the bullshit!

  49. oh and one more thing how did this epic fail of a game win game of the year who ever awarded that must have played it right up before the end and just stoped

  50. I dont know about you guys but i loved the fallout3 ending i was just angry on how short the maun questline was.

  51. hehe you guys are pathetic, give a nother year buy the DLC broken steel make the girl go in and bam, more main story and unlimited free play,

  52. i sould have seen that coming after the stupid decision of my father radiating the hole world changing plan of his cos he didnt think tha the legend of wasteland could take out a few soldiers! i have no words to say how stupid i felt i spent so many hours on this game! the only good think is that i didnt paid for it! i’d prefer a “to be continued” message! tha really was the worst game end ever – and i have played too many. (first thing i did too, just 1 minute after ending, i search to see if only i was the only one)

  53. OMFG! just finished it ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. . and like the game, thats about what i have to SAY! ?????

  54. Well id have to sadly nod my head with a grin of pure regret reading all of your guy’ s opinions. Frankly im pissed and i got the game as a gift. Pft what a mediocore freebie. I love the way you can go to an oasis, put an old mutated tree god out of his misery. Turn around and extend a helping hand to an orphaned kid whose dad got taken out by some ant dragon hybrids and to top off this decrepid ghoul of a cake off, going against the will of the president (which is actually not suprisingly a sentinal being) and ditch a virus to give the WASTEland clean water and the end scene basically says… ” hey. Bethesda. speaking, thanks for dumping hours of thought out, carefully executed time on our game, now we take dump on on you. The war on radiation is never over gg?” NO MAN! IDFTHINKSO! im not buying your horrible space adventure, swamp boonie hillbilly expedition through more horribly designed pixel pushing amatuer waste worlds. I forever dr

  55. Yea.. i just finished the game and i must say : worst ending ever!
    I have never played a game so crappy.
    I think that’s also the reason why i mostly play egoshooters or strategy games instead of RPGs , because at the end you will just have lost a LOT of time for nothing. I have only discovered like the southwest of the map (90% its only running trough metro tunnels like a lunatic) , maybe 40% or less of all places of the game , and got to the MAXIMUM LEVEL fucking too early. And guess what? The map showing perc is given at your Max Level , from witch on doing any quests n stuff gets to be useless cause you won’t gain anything worthy. I was pretty surprised when i checked realised i’d done so much crap , like at first gaining a lot of Exp to get a good & strong character , and then i got to the maximum. So thats when i decided to follow the main quest , and figured out that the ending makes no sense at all. But there’re also other things i don’t like about the game. as an expample you never know how your decicions will affect the game. I mean at the beginning i was like “doing good things , beein cooperative & stuff migh be pretty good” , so i didn’t try to bring my carma down. then i realised at megaton that i couldn’t aquire that 1 guy because my carma was “too high” . So i was like : “okay fuck this shit , fuck them all” . So i doomed megaton and became the most evil person of the game. well i also got charon later in the game , but when i played the main quest and the enclave captures you , he just dissapeard and i never saw him again. then when i escaped , i wanted that super mutant to join me. but my carma now was “too low” . CRAP. + as an example i skilled anything but laser weapons cause i thought they where shitty. so i had no use for them , had like over 20000 caps , tons of medications , just anything but there was nothing realy worth buying. nothing special , nothing realy expensive. and also the selfmade weapons sucked. like the “rock it-luncher” . to get all the parts for the weaopon , you are traveling arround the whole wasteland for . And after you have build your crappy gun , you figure out that even the shotgun deals more damage. and why the fuck should i look for scrap to fire that useless weapon anyways?. Ahh.. i just don’t know where to end. This game has failed in so many ways , and i only continued playing it of pure boredom and nothing else.
    I mean : “What where they thinking when programming the game?”
    There’re even MUCH OLDER games , with lower graphipcs , for an example Starcraft 1 , or DOOM3 , just to name 2 , and the endings where always EPIC. when you’have beaten the game , you realy feld like the time you have invested in playing was worth it. Not with this crap.
    The concept they started with wasn’t too bad , but what they’ve made out of it is pure sh*t. Even worse then the Ending of Bioshock.

    • Liek this guy. Nobody figured out he won the “Missed the Entire Point Award”? This guy is sad and it is the fault of Fallout that he couldn’t have his karmic cake and eat it too? OMFG.

  56. At the end you see a super mutan right in the glass that is your dad since he died oh RAD but since you do to it wold be cool if we where mutants to right

  57. Or at least let the pepole with good KARMA go to heave and vad hell. Hell the place should be the same but more RAD gas and fire every where heaven no RAD have wings tap Y twice to fly and if your karma gets low big flash then go to hell but in hell and get to good radiers come kill you then go to heavn

  58. Or as a goul

  59. i think Bethesda has lost its way .Their games where good back in the 90 s when they cared about their fans the last good game they had was morrowind now all they care about is money and i dont fucking want to die in f3 whats up with falwks when i ask him to go in he says some stupid shit about destiny but yet he walked through a hallway filled with radiation just an hour a go like wtf i usually finish the main quest first so it doesn’t nag at the back of my head but i regret doing that with f3 i cant wait till i find a mod for the ending iv haven’t even explored much and whats up with all these bugs

  60. I understand all you people hate the ending, but calling a game a piece of shit just for the ending? C’mon, guys. If you love the game but hate the ending, that shouldn’t ruin the entire game for you. For example, mother fucking Battletoads. Shit was epic, but the ending sucked dick. Still one of my favourite NES games.
    tl;dr you guys need to get in perspective.

  61. Funny how an entry made four years ago managed to attract bickering that is basically trying to pick an argument over what’s now a moot point or (worse) a simple different in opinion. I’m not even updating this blog anymore, and can’t be relied on to approve future comments, so I’ve disabled further comments on this.

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