My BYOND work continues pretty much as I said it would be just a few days ago.  If any new development has come about in my BYOND work, it’s been that I’ve been taking it back to the drawing board for yet more complete refinements.  As I said before, it’s a cycle thing: design, code, reconsider, over and over again, each cycle improving the result.

Currently, my focus has changed to simplicity.  Very ambitious games require a lot of arbitrary code be written to support them: my Mass Effect-like design would essentially require coding three separate games and tying them together.  I’ve reeled back my ambition a bit and realized that, while BYOND is nice in that it offers enough flexibility to realize a considerable range of dream games, you can realize a finished result much sooner if you settle for reinterpreting your dream in BYOND’s terms.

But I really didn’t start writing this blog entry with my BYOND progress (as little as it has been) in mind.

Fallout 3 Construction Kit & Downloadable Content On Its Way

Well, shut my mouth, I suspected but I didn’t think they were actually going to do it: Bethesda is releasing a construction set for Fallout 3 after all.  Perhaps they were always planning on doing this, or perhaps the fact that the community has largely hacked the game to produce their own mods forced them to go ahead with it.  In any case, the fittingly-named Garden of Eden Construction Kit should be a lot of fun to play with just as the Elder Scrolls Construction Set was.

I still hold to what I said earlier that the punch-out ending would be difficult to mend without Ron Pearlman on speeddail, as the main problem with the ending was that the recap was so unsatisfying.  Perhaps some of the downloadable content will be an extended ending.  I’d pay for that (though such a thing as a correct finish to the game should really be gratis).

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