Still Loafing

Though perhaps I’ve little of significance to say today, I’ve always taken exception to leaving a several day gap since my previous entry.

I said in the last entry that game development was imminent, and it’s still imminent, because since the last entry I pretty much just sampled Warhammer 40k (recently dropped on GameTap) and completed the entire Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People series.

Painted For War

I’d been meaning to give Warhammer 40k a spin, so when I heard it was coming out on GameTap I jumped at the chance.  Having finished the first few missions of the Empire campaign, I’d say this is overall a competently executed game all around, but dated in important fundamentals.

Warhammer 40K looks great, when a good firefight gets underway, it’s an impressive bullet-whizzing, explosions ringing, body-flying endeavor.  Even the simple placement of a building is relatively jaw-dropping to behold.

Warhammer 40K would be even better if I was a Games Workshop fan, because they clearly modeled in exact (or near exact) scale of all those paintable miniatures they’re constantly pedaling.  Seeing them come alive would undoubtedly be a treat to a long-established fan.

I prefer a bit of brains to my beauty, and Warhammer 40k delivers in gameplay features such as cover (usually in the form of craters) and the ability to replenish squads on the map.   “Nicely streamlined depth” was clearly a keyword in this design.

My main problem with Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War could be described as claustrophobia.  Perhaps 2007’s Supreme Commander has spoiled me, but I like being able to scroll the view of the map much further out than this game allows.   I had to rely on the minimap to keep track of what my units were up to and it was easy to lose track of them, partly because my units and my buildings had the same color.

There were other minor qualms as well.  Queued movement was strangely implemented – there was no visual ques and often queuing moves did not seem to work.   Squads of marines would get split up during travel or do dumb things like stand there and get attacked or run out of cover pointlessly.

All these issues added up really put a damper on what was otherwise an excellent game.  It’s possible that more recent Warhammer 40K RTS have solved many of these issues, but I’m a bit gunshy now.

Apparently, I Could Handle His Style

The Brothers Chaps, two Atlanta residents and creators of Homestar Runner, are an inspiration to anyone who wanted to become self-employed through creating content and distributing it over the Internet.  Now, 12 years in the making, with their site getting several million hits a month, if you’ve yet to hear of this triumph of Flash animation, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock.  Not bad for a site that never really advertised itself – it just goes to show that “if you build it, they will come” is not complete bunk, after all.

Telltale games licensed the whole Homestar Runner lore and worked along with the Brother’s Craps to produce the Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People game series which made a noticeable splash in 2008 across the PC and Wii platforms.  They released an episode a month and recently wrapped up the 5th game in the series.  Telltale games is also known for reviving the Sam and Max series, and their previous work includes an adaptation of another popular body of fiction, Bone.

My overall impression of SBCGFAP?  As The Cheat would say, “Meh!”  It wasn’t bad, it had a considerable amount of gags and more than a few laughs from beginning to end.  However, after the initial buzz of seeing the Flash animation series make the jump to game wore off, it didn’t blow my mind either.  It was, at least, brilliantly realized throughout, as sharply rendered as any recent Telltale game.

I’m glad I made the purchase if only because it was my way of supporting the Brother’s Chaps for all the great animations over the years.  Besides, I’m only out $35 for 5 episodes making up many play hours, that’s hard to complain about.

No Loafing

What’s next on my list of excuses to stop myself from being anything other than a complete load all my life?  I wanted to give Sacred 2 a spin, and it turns out they have a demo.  After that, I can think of nothing significant enough to distract me from coding.  The snow’s still piling up outside, and the roads are neigh unusable right now, so I’ve a bit of time before the job hunt becomes feasible.

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