It’s Not Gaming, It’s Research!

As with the other 1 in 365.25 people, Christmas is also my Birthday. I’m now 32 – Happy Birthday to me.

As of late, I’ve been researching Mercenaries 2 and Mass Effect, by purchasing a price-dropped $30 copy of both games’ PC versions.  Between the two, we have a game I’d like to develop: an open-ended space travel game (ala Mass Effect) with a simple economy driving a powerful dynamic content system (Mercenaries 2).

In Space, All Content Is Dynamic

Games like Bioware’s Mass Effect are always a diamond-in-the-rough through sheer ambition.  While there have been a plethora of Elite-like games – these being games where you travel the universe in a ship trading your way to victory – the open-ended Space Travel roleplaying game has been an elusive beast.

This is probably because the technical overhead of melding space gameplay with vehicular planet traveling and on-foot mechanics is essentially three separate games.  However, very rarely does such a game turn out to be a poor experience, with titles such as Starflight, Star Control 2, and Space Rogue scoring highly in my mind.

Pandemic Studio’s Mercenaries 2 earns its “dynamic content” acclaim on the grounds that it’s a game where pretty much everything but the ground itself is destructible. However, it’s not perfect in that you’ll often find buildings have rebuilt themselves shortly after you’ve walked away from them.

Between both games, I believe I’ve found a workable model. However, considering the platform I’m developing on is a 2D tile based, online platform, several adaptations will need to be done. Besides, I’m not seeking to flat-out copy them so much as these are qualities I admire that I believe would make for an interesting game.

Earning Pennies With My Thoughts?

I’ve been shopping for a way to integrate Project Wonderful on the grounds that they’re willing to pay a daily minimal amount and I refuse to give away ad space for free (even if it’s a cent a day).

However, despite pursuing advice on the matter, I’ve hit a snag.  WordPress may have extensive free user features, but does not allow me to run ads, unless perhaps you’re a VIP willing shell out $500/mo or purchase some kind of premium service – which being appropriate to running ads, I haven’t been able to figure out.   Seems to me that they just prefer that stay free of ads, and considering the spammy nature of the Internet, I can hardly blame them.

Right now, my traffic is close to nil.   However, in the recent past I was able to generate some good traffic through my Warhammer Online (strategy guides) and an entry about Fallout 3 sucking (concepts that tap into the average gamers’ psyche).

Thus, it seems to me that if I really wanted to make some scratch from web concepts (while staying morally reprehensible enough to not sling porn or other materials which rot the brain) then strategy guides and shots in the dark about the gamer psyche is about where I’d go.

However, again, that doesn’t seem to be something I can do on WordPress.  So I might start directing all my “fit for people who don’t want to read boring introspective crap about me” back towards, which considerably less reservations towards ads in free blogs.

3 Responses

  1. Happy birthday !

    These are 2 nice games, mass effect and mercs 2.

    Only problem with mercs 2 is that it does have a fair share of bugs and glitches, the problem with mass effect is that it has an EA brand attached to it…

    If they ever ported mercs 1 to PC it would be a blast !

    BTW, if you ever change your blog, remember to post your new url here, I like to read what you write cause I think that we might share the same view on games… (I too think Fallout 3 does suck)

  2. I appreciate the encouraging word.

    I actually recently completed Mercs 2 for the PC. I thought it was a pretty cool game, although I sort of rushed through the end of it – didn’t care enough to bother with the Chinese missions or to look up a reference to collect all the part boxes.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! See you guys later this week! 🙂

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