Boring Semantics: “Gaming Purist”

Soon afterward, it became clear through the course of a thread that calling myself a “gaming purist” was inviting trouble.  Much as how I am annoyed when somebody asks “what is the best” of something, calling myself a “gaming purist” was futile because it failed to define “in what way?”

No, when I called myself a “gaming purist,” I was not declaring myself the Pope of gaming.    It’s just a simple limitation of the English language “gaming purist” can mean many different things.  For example, the Wikipedia currently says a video game purist is concerned with the accuracy of a localization.  One must establish the “in what way.”

Basically, I’ve played so many games that what interests me is the level of thought-provoking meaningful interactions a game provides.  Not the graphics, not the nationality, not the social aspects, but how a mere system of rules can invoke enjoyment.

Yes, I’m aware there’s such a game where the social aspects are the game, but those aren’t for me because the control over social aspects is too sketchy for a player to reasonably control.  I like to be in control of the games I play; I like to play the game, not have the game play me.

Perhaps a better title would be “computer game mechanic appreciator.”  I don’t know what good this would do me, unless I actually found a way to motivate myself to make computer games for a living.   I can also write a mean hint guide because I get immediately to the nitty gritty of what you have to do to win.

What’s up, Mr. Computer Game Mechanic Appreciator?

Over the past few days, I’ve settled upon the same old habits in City of Heroes.  It seems my tendency to want to be in control of a game is butting heads with what City of Heroes delivers.  Damage dealers prove unsatisfying because they can’t control a difficult situation.  Non-damage dealers prove unsatisfying because they can’t meaningfully influence a slowly progressing situation.

I’m not sure developing a character that can do both (and this can be done – many ways) will really solve the problem.  I burned out of City of Heroes and came back several times, but every time is a little shorter.  My visit this time the shortest of all.

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have put down Persona 3 until I was finished with it.  Now I hesitate to boot it up again because my flow is disjointed after a week of City of Heroes.  Further, if I played the free online Persona MMORPG, I’d not be out $15.  Oh well.

Besides, I shouldn’t be playing games, I should be finding work.  I fear I’ve passed “stir-crazy” a few months back and have foraged far out into the field of “closet eccentric.”  I’m starting to get just a bit twitchy.  Maybe I should cut back on the caffeine.

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