BoB’s Real Killer… Simple Boredom

I’ve been participating in this thread lately with all the single minded focus of a obsessive compulsive.   It’s all about Band of Brothers recent dismantling in EVE Online.  Basically, thousands of players who put years of man hours between them into this player organization have been ousted because one player pushed a few buttons and dismantled their entire team. Maybe the reason I’ve been so preoccupied with it is because that’s fascinating to me – I’m so fixated on dynamic content in MMORPGs, and here a major dynamic content event is front and center.

It’s being spun as a spy undermining the efforts of hundreds of thousands of players.  Such fascinating intrigue!  However, there was one sticking point: it seems to me that this BoB director wouldn’t be where he was today if he was the kind of person to hand over his own alliance to the Goons, an organization of SomethingAwful frequenters that (like the website) revel in lampooning the games they play as an Internet absurdists.  Why would he do that?

I think I’ve finally figured it out. At the real basic nature of the thing, it’s so ridiculously simple it’s stupid.

Lets say you’re playing a the high and mighty director of a major EVE alliance… and you’re bored. You rage against the people in the alliance who are not quite as bored as you to do something else, but they basically shoot you down as putting the corporation in risk. So you decide to try to burn away the monotony doing something you don’t normally do, like mining.

You run across a fellow who scams you, and it’s the most exciting thing to happen to you in awhile, but hardly surprising – scamming happens in EVE Online all the time. Then, the spark of something great impacts you:

“Since life in EVE Online so very terrible for you, why not commit EVE Online suicide and go out with a bang?”

You know you’ve been in contact with a Goon, and you’re experienced enough with the game to know exactly what the Goonfleet/Goonswarm stands for. However, you’re so sickeningly bored of the game you don’t even want to play anymore, you want to burn this bridge you have with BoB good, so you decide to see about doing the most damage you can possible.

The rest, as they say, is history. One player’s overwhelming incredible boredom of EVE Online destroyed one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) alliance in EVE Online.  There wasn’t a superspy realizing the clever manipulation of an entire alliance of players (that was Mittani’s job, apparently) it was one bored player quitting EVE.

That’s all it was. I told you it was so ridiculously simple it’s stupid.

Where’s my proof? Well, only the supposed chat logs. When the player starts talking about how he doesn’t care if he loses everything, that’s pretty much the clincher right there. 

[01:40:58] Tamir Lenk > well, first of all, you know I cannot give you roles or hangar access at all now, right
[01:41:11] Harkani > yeah thats fine
[01:41:31] Harkani > take away my roles its no big deal
[01:41:46] Harkani > well and kick me if you want, but that will be your loss 😛

Right there in that little passage is my window to his subconscious desire (if I may be so bold). He’s on his way out of the game.  He was ready to go out with a bang… or perhaps a supernova.  He might even stick around now, now that things are a little more interesting, but he likely won’t be trusted with any real access anymore. He was willing to maim his virtual self if that’s what it took to end his boredom.

I could even go a little further back and say that he reason why all the BoB infighting existed in the first place – the missing “Coronor” who was minding that arm of BoB’s operations – may have also been boredom.  The fact that, by and by large, Black Nova corporation had barely anyone playing on it when this all transpired. Boredom may have very much been the lead driving force that made this possible, opening up the road for the subtle touch of a skilled Internet absurdist.

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  1. OT, but I arrived here via and just wanted to award you 16 Internets for your userpic over there. I thought I was the only person in the world who remembered Psi 5 Trading Company.

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