Maturity Sucks

Okay, I’m officially into the “Get Off My Lawn, You Kids” stage of my life.

At 32.  Here’s the pinnacle of that:

Dude, you’re like, “Where’s my ban, punk?! Where’s my ban?! I was right, I was always right! You been served! And your posts are my personal trophy for all to see forever!” Nice. Every single post you make seems to just confirm my initial suspicions that I acted correctly: you may write civilly, but you’re completely here for ego gratification.

Just forget it. You’ve indicated more than once that you’re a fellow who feels if they’re not swatted they don’t need to learn anything. If this is true, if you require others to know how to act, then your actions are apparently not governed by independent thought but rather if somebody hits you for doing the wrong thing. Consequently, I really shouldn’t feel any more resentful towards you as I would a puppy for wetting the carpet.

We’ve determined you won’t understand no matter how many times I explain it. It’s why I’m not even bothering with private messages to you – I might as well address them to /dev/null for all the good it will do me. I summarized my point on my revised sig – I think I finally got it down to what I was trying to say – that’s the best I can do for you. It was worth one last try, hence, this message.

“My revised sig” being:

I’m taking a stand against the elitist behavior on this forum. I’m not a newbie, I know where the resources are, so keep any “corrections” to yourself. No matter how “right” you believe you are, I will not debate with you, and will treat repeated attempts to drag me into an argument as harassment.

These were written by me in response to a poster I was having an altercation with on the City of Heroes boards not leaving me alone when I told him I didn’t want to debate about something silly (the viability of Ice Control’s Jack Frost’s melee focus being advantageous).    He eventually accused me of not being open-minded, but I’m open-minded enough, I just don’t think it’s important enough to argue over – it’s just an obscure game-related thing, who cares?

Why signs points to maturity…

Here’s the thing.  I used to be the guy who enjoyed butting heads with everybody else on the forum over obscure game-related things, and now I’m not. I’ve reached a certain point where I realize that the guy who wants to argue game semantics looks like this:



Dude, they’re nerds!  Granted, I don’t hate nerds, I’m sure I fit many-a-definition of nerdly conduct.  I’m still a core gamer and introverted computer hobbiest, for example.

However, to get all angry and worked out of shape over how this or that power works in a game is such an incredibly nerdly pursuit that there’s a certain disconnect from reality that is required.  A disconnect from reality I no longer seem to have.

It’s because with age comes wisdom.  (Well, not automatically, if you completely sign off on trying to find wisdom, I wouldn’t be surprised if you remain naive longer.)   With wisdom comes maturity, and it is (to a great extent) an absolution of your disconnection from reality.

I’m now too mature to enjoy angry nerds bothering me when I’m posting on a forum. I reported the last one for harassment.  Not because I’m being a stuck-up egotistical twat, but because it really felt like they were harassing me.  Seriously, keep your angry nerd slapfight to yourself, stop trying to involve me!

Why it sucks…

With maturity, alas, comes a need for new friends.  I was ejected from F13 because I became too mature to deal with the kind of games they play on those forums (typically “dump on someone for lols” – granted, I was never particularly popular with that crowd).  I alienated my old ICQ spamming bud because I became too mature to tolerate him responding with immaturity every time I failed to entertain.

With this latest forum debacle, I’ve come to realize the depth of the problem.  The young (or young at heart) won’t understand why I’m so cantankerous towards their shenanigans.  They lack of maturity to understand the principles involved.  Consequently, they’re just going to chalk me up as a bitter old man because they can’t understand what I’m talking about.

There’s nothing I can do.  Once you’ve the wisdom to understand the necessity of mature conduct, you can’t take it back.  Assuming your brain is working properly, the lessons learned through maturity are core enough as to be ever-present part of your implicit nature, and consequently you’ll always remember why not to act like the young upstart.  I can only accept that and move on.

Therein lay the tail end of the scenario.  In the end, I can’t harbor resentment for the naive.  It’s not the puppy’s fault it wets the carpet, it doesn’t know any better.  In time, maybe it’ll learn, but for now I need to learn tolerance.  It might take awhile – this being the Internet, the puppy will always remain outside the reach of the newspaper.

(Hopefully being mature doesn’t mean I’m in any immediate danger of becoming a Republican voter.  There’s “I’ve been around the block enough times to have gained an understanding of the necessity of mature conduct” and then there’s “I’ve been around the block enough times that I’m so confident my conduct is mature that I’m completely unable to realize my party has been subverted by ultraconservative crooks.”  If I have to put the dividing line somewhere, it would be that one must maintain an ever-present awareness of the current situation: you can’t learn life to the point where it’s no longer necessary to think.)

2 Responses

  1. In retrospect, I do have an unfortunate tendency to take a few negative things in the past and hold it against an entire body of people in an Internet “community.”

    This recent City of Heroes forum debacle was largely because I had, in the distant past, run into a nasty altercation with the “forum cartel” over there (those with over 5000 posts) which lead me to believe there’s very nasty egotists over there who I want to completely refuse to become involved with if they attempt to engage me in conversation. This is what happened to the unfortunate Frosticus.

    However, retrospect having taken effect, I should really be more fair than that. I’ve since revised my sig to read:

    “Fair Warning: If you have a correction to make to something I say, be careful how you word it. Treating somebody who’s been playing on and off since 2004 like a newbie is a rather obvious and powerful insult. ”

    That’s closer to the truth. If somebody replies to me over there and I take their tone as, “hey – newb” then that’s indeed a pretty obvious and powerful insult for somebody who played the game as long as I. If 30 months of playing the game hasn’t earned at least that much respect/credibility in their eyes, I think at that point it’s not me anymore, it’s them.

  2. Me, too, Mister….”Kids these days! No Respect! Why aren’t these teens in school instead of standing around in groups smoking where I’m trying to walk?!?! If I had my switch, I’d teach ’em a thing or two…” ;-] It was bound to happen eventually…

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