Enough Serious Business

Yeah, okay, this sucks.

I tried to limit my Blog to not mentioning what I’ve been up to lately, and instead focus on things of relative depth or utility, and apparently the whole thing devolved into me moping about getting old.  Lets go back to what I’ve been up to lately – if nothing else, it’s more consistent content then waiting for me to muster the effort to rub my brain cells together.

Short version: Work, City of Heroes, anticipating a cool bit of exercising gear, and depriving the world by failing to produce anything particularly meaningful.


Face to face with customers, 35-37 hours a week.   Being an introverted homebody by nature, I’m quite inept at this, but I’m continuing to put my best foot forward.  If I can slog through the remaining month of this temp gig without attracting complaints, perhaps saving enough money to reinstate my financial aid for school, I’ll count myself lucky.  If not, maybe I could afford Flash and dabble with that while (as up to 10% of Americans will be at the latest guess) I try to find more work.

City of Heroes

My first major purchase with my new found pittance of honest wage was a three month subscription to the game and 5 more character slots.  My revitalized interest in Controllers has caused me to roll up a Gravity/Kinetics, Mind/Kinetics, Gravity/Storm, earning some 40 some levels split between them, before returning to a fledgling level 10 Plant/Storm Controller and (as of level 20) figuring, “Meh, good enough.”

At first, /Kinetics seemed quite viable because there’s something to be said for a hero which has both an ultimate defensive front (as Controllers naturally will) and the ultimate offensive firepower (as a Fulcrum Shift-employing Kineticist naturally will).  However, whenever I get Speed Boost, I remember I’ll be casting it on 7 players every 120 seconds (or else lose a significant portion of my potential power) and wonder if ultimate power is really worth all the hassle involved.

Storm Summoning is just more fun, employing zero monotonous buffing powers while being a toolset of 9 unique and very flashy bad guy disrupting powers, eventually coming to full fruition with Lightning Storm which can be chain summoned for several clouds of doom. The catch: I’ve already got a level 50 Illusion/Storm Controller.  Why take another hero up to level 50 if I’ve already played half the powers?

Well, the foremost reason is because Illusion completely lacks a knockback prevention capacity, which is quite useful for a Storm secondary because many of the powers (most notably Tornado) are quite a bit more effective if you can hold the foes still while they are being buffeted about by winds and lightning bolts.

Aside from that, perhaps it’s mostly that the main use I ever got out of Illusion was the fabulous aggro-soaking Phantom Army and the quick-casting Deceive – the other 7 powers are lackluster, especially the two invisibility powers.

Its replacement, Plant Control, not only has a lot more utility and power than my Illusion Control did (sans Phantom Army) but it really has a lot more utility and power than any other Controller set.  It has a cone version of mass confuse that casts four times more often and it has three pets (if you count Spirit Tree and Carrion Creepers as a pet).  By simply chaining roots and seeds of confusion while whittling down the bosses and leuitenants, this is one of perhaps 2 or 3 choices I can comfortably solo with with a primary set alone.

Still, as awesome as Plant/Storm seems to be, will I stick with it?  I don’t know.  I did transfer some 10 million influence to this character, but I’m fickle.  I’m considering taking my Grav/Kin controller from 20 to 26 or 27 just because I want to give Wormhole a try.  Maybe I’ll try some Blaster/Controller hybrids some more, too.

Just as the weekend drew to a close, I discovered Empowerment Stations.  Being able to spend a little salvage that can be exchanged for 1 hour of 20% increased Recharge and Recovery at any level is very interesting.  I’m not sure if these are new to Issue 13 or if I was just blinded to them being able to do this before because they used to be used to make base salvage (now removed from the game).

Cool Exercise Gear

My second (and likely final) major purchase during this temp gig is a PCGamerBike Mini.  It’s basically just a mini-exercise bike with quality magnetic resistance – a retrofitted magentrainer – which has a USB interface that allows it to work with any game that takes control via a keyboard.

As an analog controller, the pedals would most likely be bound to forward and reverse movement.  Racing games emerge as the obvious choice, but it’s World of Warcraft tested and compatible, and thus likely City of Heroes as well.

The main trick will be seeing about configuring my desk to support it.  I might need to get another chair or even a keyboard brace.   I’m hoping the cats will demonstrate enough sense to keep away from the moving pedals, too.

Work in BYOND

Is not happening right now, is the end of that sentence.  I have put some thought towards it lately, going so far as to paste together some nice base design considerations.

I’ve come to realize that the main reason I haven’t worked in BYOND much is because I’ve some pretty big aspirations for a game but until I work them all out on paper, I’ve no idea how to get the seperate pieces to work together.

Granted, getting distracted with playing games and the occasional forum snafu is not a real likely way to ever get around to designing my dream game.

I discovered right before bed time tonight that World of Goo was $5 this weekend over Steam.  I got it just in the nick of time.  Having played the demo, I know this to be the best $5 I ever spent.  Now, if only Dead Space would come down to $20.

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