Amply Endowed With Free Time Once Again

Surprisingly, I’ve been let go from a temporary position that was only going to last another 3 weeks anyway, right before they were going to be hit with a rash rush of customers.  (Then again, perhaps it’s not too surprising, “Last to Hire, First to Fire” and all that.)

Idle Hands, Idle Speculation

I knew being a somewhat introverted homebody by nature may have made me a poor choice for the job, but I never received a single complaint when I was on the job.

The feedback given to the temp agency was I was being “too short,” with customers and employees.  I doubt that: I’m a very courteous individual, I listen to what I’m being told, and I have received many complements from customers for having the patience to resolve longstanding issues.

What might have happened was that I have a habit of speaking too quickly.  My mind goes very quickly, and I have to make a conscious effort to keep my mouth at a speed slower listeners can understand.   That could easily have been misinterpreted as being short.  However, if so, it would have been a real easy fix: just remind me to slow down every once in awhile.  I may have received such a reminder once, if that.

It’s boggling.  Why hire on a temp and let them learn the ropes for 4 weeks, only to drop them on the very week things were expected to get hectic without so much as a hint as to what they might be doing wrong?  It doesn’t make much sense – it seems to me they’re putting themselves at a great disadvantage over an easily corrected qualm.

However, like many aspects in life, I’m probably over-thinking it. They may have even been cutting corners, and the “too short” comment was just to give the employment agency an excuse.  Perhaps it’s the truth is simply that temps are expendable – telling me what I’m doing wrong is perhaps seen as too much investment in an asset they were about to lose anyway.  “Last to Hire, First to Fire” arrives as the most likely explanation.

Water Under The Bridge

Really, I shouldn’t feel bad about temp work falling through.  If nothing else, I should grateful for getting a bit of experience.  It certainly helps pad the blow that I was expecting to crawl into work fighting a nasty, sore throat-inducing, cold today (though no one knew of this).

Financially, I’m well enough off.  My last paycheck should be just enough to push me out of the red with the bank, and that was a worry gnawing at me before this job.  As I’m living at home, it’s not like I really have living expenses.

I didn’t quite make my goal of saving up enough money to reinstate my financial aid nor purchasing Adobe Flash, and I probably would have spent much less eating out if I knew the assignment was going to be this short.  However, aside from that, I invested my income in things I intend to use to awhile.

So, overall, no harm came of this.  It was, if anything, a forgettable four-week assignment in which I could probably escape with minimal blame despite an early closure of my contact there.  Perhaps I could consider it 3 weeks of lost income, but that window of opportunity may have been narrow enough it may as well have been shut unless I were some kind of magical Mary Poppins of customer service.

Back To Pursuing Greatness

Now that I’m once again amply endowed with free time, perhaps I should put some serious consideration towards my game development.  My mental gears are shifting between the concept of some kind of space RPG that encompasses both ground space elements versus the concept of some kind of unusually played Strategy/RPG hybrid that casts the players as futuristic hackers.  Either way, the focus remains the same: interaction in the inner layer, dynamic content on the outer.

Maybe, if I’m not hired soon, and if I finish a good BYOND project, I should take this time to familiarize myself with Java.  BYOND is an excellent prototyping agent, and a great way to learn online game production while having fun, but what I’d really like to do is make some money doing what I love.

Today, however, I think I’ll just cope.  I’ve got a cold bug to nail and a change in schedule to routine to adapt to.

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  1. Bummer! Temp work can be sort of flakey like that =-P I wonder if they were trying to cut costs. Hopefully the next temp job is a nice one. 🙂

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