City of Heroes Braces For Infinite Content

Excitement on the City of Heroes front: Issue 14 will reportedly roll to live servers “soon,” with the pre-download already started. “Soon” is a tricky thing with MMORPGs.  It could be tomorrow, or it could be a month, but that we’ve reached the pre-download stage indicates that Issue 14 is firmly on its way.  Best shot in the dark: 2 weeks.

My advice: get those Invention Origin enhancements (IOs) while you can.  The reward structure has changed in such a way that this will be really hard to do soon.

Sure, the tickets are supposed to make getting choice salvage easier, but that random salvage is no longer quite as easy to come by will result in players throwing significantly less unneeded stuff up for sale.  Consequently, prices on the auction house should skyrocket.  This is going to make it fairly hellish to get your hands on a full set of IOs.

So that’ll be my focus over the next few days.  I’ll take my new dream team of alts (Controller, Blaster, and Scrapper) to level 27 and trick them all out with IOs.  For better or for worse, Issue 14 is going to completely rock City of Heroes, and I want to be prepared to see it.

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