No Matter Where I Go, There I Am

Once in a great while, I have a quiet day of introspection.  Perhaps were I a more enlightened fellow, every day would be a such a day.  However, for the time being, I’m not so very enlightened and consequently I’m having a very boring time of it.  Turns out that there needs to be more to life than wasting it online.

Cape Mastery

My goal of accomplishing level 27 across three archetypes in City of Heroes – a triad of varying moods – has hit a relatively solid brick wall in that I’m discovering that the game is once again boring the snot out of me.  It seems the only real archetype I’m interested in is Controllers, maybe a few Blasters, and I’ve already identified my favorite power combinations and played them until I’m pretty bored of them.

To large extent, this isn’t City of heroes’ fault.  I’ve been playing only it for weeks, ever since I decided work wouldn’t leave me time for anything else.  Now I’m not working again, and I’ve had all day to play it, and am fully impacted by the implicit truth that no game can stay entertaining when all you’re doing is playing it for weeks.

I need to do something else for awhile.

Champions Online will not be coming to my rescue – they’ve decided they’d rather invite established guilds into beta.  This is shortsighted because established guilds are, by and by large, accustomed to playing EverQuest clones which Champions Online, by and by large, is not.  It’s not that hard to figure out that the main publicity they’re getting out of this bout of ill-conceived WoW-imitation will be negative as a ton of people are fished in to try and spread opinions about something they’ve demonstrated they’ve no interest in.

The rest of the games in existence, as my current mood and $20 or less game budget mandates, are also too boring for me.  This will vary from person to person, of course, but I’m a really picky gamer bereft of a purpose.  It seems there’s really only a couple options left: 1. Do something non-gaming related.  2. Make my own game.

I would love to do something non-gaming related.  Even if it were monotonous, part time, and paid barely over minimum wage.  At least then I’d have a purpose.  However, the job market in my neck of the woods continues to be over-extended.  Two temp agencies, who could make a decent buck at finding work for me, have failed to materialize anything.  It doesn’t help that my resumes and job history evaporated last week.

Confronted with the other option, making my own game, I’m sitting in an empty room and on the other side of it is BYOND.  I’m hesitant to pick it up because I know that, once fully invested in that process, it could be weeks until I reemerge and the actual fruits of that labor are sketchy: a game I won’t get paid to make hanging around a portal rife with copyright violations.

I’d be better off learning Flash, but then, Flash is expensive.  Besides, Flash is sort of problematic in that it’s not inherently an online environment so much as a simple graphical app assembler.  I could probably get some exciting single player things assembled, but it takes some more knowhow than Flash to jury rig together a flash-based MMORPG.

Bah – maybe I should read a book.  Actually, I do have a few free options.  If I made a BYOND game, at least the experience of doing so will pay off.  Also, I could also make something in Java.  I even have a good book on the subject.  BYOND is a lot easier, but Java is a bit more useful of a employable skill.

Either way, at least I’d have a purpose.  Running around Paragon City all day, while an effective time burner, just doesn’t do it.

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