Standard Procedure: April 2009

The weekend has come and gone, and I’m getting back to work.   Both trying to find somebody willing to pay me now, while hedging my bets for the future.

Foraging The Desert

Finding a job this week involved calling in to the temp agencies and registering on the rather mediocre job search board that passes for civil service now.  There used to be government programs that actually exerted effort in placing people, but it seems those are gone.

I’ll keep an on eye on USAJOBs, but my experiences with online job boards is that callbacks simply don’t happen.   This is yet another database to watch along with Careerbuilder and Worksource whose primary purpose is to confirm all suspicions that, if I were so willing and able to damage the environment by driving 50 miles a day, my work prospects would be much better.

The trouble with me is perhaps that wizards are rarely content working under merchant princes.  That wizards have to eat too will draw them out of their ivory towers, but this is perpetually a problem they seek to solve, and the only means they have to do so is to bend their formidable powers to change the world.  Such as the wizards of Spellborn Interactive versus the world of MMORPGs.

Chronicles of Spellborn: Surprise Usurper Of The MMORPG World

I am a little distracted with Chronicles of Spellborn because, at least based on the early opinions of 124 frequenters, this is very much the best MMORPG out there right now, beating out World of Warcraft by nearly half a star in a 10-point system.

That’s not to say Chronicles of Spellborn is prefect.  I’ve been over the reasons why in the last entry: the kill crediting, the travel time, the grind.  However, it really is a game that offers a level of depth largely unseen in MMORPGs.  Granted, saying a MMORPG has more depth than most is a bit like saying a puddle has more depth than most because it goes up to your knee instead of your ankle.  It’s deeper than usual, but a far cry from our Lake Baikel fantasies.

The bottom line is this: this is a very encouraging game for burned out MMORPG players everywhere.  Let the idiot casual players hate it and rave about something else as being their poison of choice, but Chronicles of Spellborn is the closest we’ve come to a breath of fresh air since EverQuest.

I’m engaged in my usual alt-a-holicism of trying to figure out what class, exactly, I will commit 50 levels worth of time towards (if I so decide to do that).  The comparison list on the Wikia is decent, but it doesn’t lay it out clearly enough, and I suspect the spoils of my self-debate will result in a class guide, sooner or later.

Magnum Opus Pre-Preliminary-Early-Development Continues

With BYOND, I’m dabbling with an entry-level self-developer platform, nothing too complex, but interesting in that it forms an easy bridge to test online game concepts.  In time, I should probably graduate to a nice C development suite, like Torque, or even Flash or Java.  However, this is great practice to work my way up to that, and it’s a whole lot cheaper.

Now that I’ve taken it seriously enough to have relatively mastered the tools involved, there’s been a significant amount of examination as to just what to do with those tools.  Monday was largely spent working on this, meditating extensively on my sketch pad, and (as before) my creative progress has been dramatic.

It seems it might be quite awhile until I actually solidify a design that I’m excited enough about to actually see it through.  This is not because of my tendency to follow distractions (though that certainly helps) but rather because I have very high standards of what I’m running through in my head before I will commit to create it.

So that, in a nutshell, is what I’ve been up to.  Check for job openings, drag myself down the tower steps to eat, retreat to my design sketch pad, sketch some more, and unwind when progress is slow.   I think it’s a fairly good schedule, but it remains problematic until my society deems it worthy of support.

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