Okay, Mechwarrior 5, You Got My Attention

Cutscene?  Not according to the writing in the lower right corner: in-game footage.  (It’s easier to make out in a higher resolution version.)

Looks like it’s going to be an extremely atmospheric-feeling Mechwarrior.  The ejection sequence in particular is outstanding.  My only real complaint is that it looks like damage is going to be represented by percentage, which suggests that one of Battletech’s main draws (the sectional damage mechanism) may have been deprecated.

Battletech veteran note: if you ever find yourself piloting a Warhammer against an Atlas, try to operate at range 9 or greater, so the only weapon the Atlas can use against you is its LRM-20.   2 PPCs versus an LRM-20 is a pretty good bet, as the LRM-20 will typically connect with only 10 missiles, and they should be spread out.   In an urban environment it might be hard to get that distance, but even operating at range 4-5 should gain you a nice base-to-hit advantage.

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