Hardly Working

I’ve taken my largely unemployed status and focused my obsessive compulsive behavior in a positive direction: design and programming.  It’s been a long winding road, but I think my BYOND project is about half complete now.

What you see here is pathfinding debug mode, with a whole lot of extra clutter. Red targets denote closed nodes, green targets denote open nodes. Three paths are currently being displayed with a black on white mesh. Fields of up arrows indicate sources, fields of down arrows indicate destinations.

I could have just made a simple tile-based real time strategy game.  However, what I’m actually making is three games in one, featuring three factions which play differently.

“Natives” – These play like Dwarf Fortress with a bit of SimAnt thrown in.

“Terrans” – These play like Dune 2 with a bit of M.U.L.E. thrown in.

“Pirates / Independents” – These play like Firepower… I haven’t decided just how much Battletech-like attention to customization they’ll get.

Although I can compare parts of it to other games, you can find a comparison for any game.  That I’ve come up with this particular mix, well: ladies and gentlemen, here we have an original game (for once).

Because the BYOND platform is inherently a MUD, that’s basically what this is: online featuring many players at once.   Because I’ve AI driving all three of the factions with or without player intervention, it also plays well in offline mode.

As a newbie game designer, I’m pretty damn ambitious.  It’s probably because I’ve some 26ish years of game playing experience looking down on me, a passion to still play games within, but a general boredom of the current offerings out there that I’m looking for some way to channel it.  There’s tens of thousands of people working in game development right now, but how many people with that kind of backdrop?

Sometimes, fate is not so subtle: whether I make it big or not, game designer I  be.

That said, enough sitting around on my butt trying to find work when nobody is hiring.  I’m returning to school next week, full time.  Somehow, I don’t think this is going to stop me from working on games.  The game developers’ passion is so well ingrained that this is my free time now.  I’ve got Chrono Cross sitting ready to play every evening before I hit the sack – perhaps one of the best games ever made – but I’ve found myself so occupied by my project that I end up doing this instead.

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