Clueless In Millennium City

My Champions Online alt-a-holicism has rapidly accelerated to an incomprehensible state of flux.   Am I bored of this game?  Not quite… but I can’t really commit to a single character, either.

To read the forums, it seems the players a whole lot whinier than usual, but I don’t think it’s the game.  I think it’s just that they’re a bunch of WoW refugees and those guys don’t have the manpower to enforce good forum etiquette.

However, there is some level of justification to the whining in that there have been pretty radical patches and a lot of the aspects of super-heroism have been well nerfed.  I am not just talking about needed changes to bring the game balance into line, it would seem that the developers are favoring mediocrity.

For example, in nerfing the “Never Strikes Twice?” advantage on Lightning Arc to be +30% damage on held targets instead of +100%.  You can spend the same amount of advantage points to get a +20% all-conditional damage boost, and so you’re basically looking at a highly conditional situation you can barely exploit in which you can get a 10% advantage out of while operating at a 20% deficit the majority of the time.


A closeup of ASCII Oakley, scourge of Snake Gulch. If you comment on the size of her guns, she'll drill ya.

This adjustment is, in one word: boring.   It is not a word you want to apply to anything in your game.  Santa’s got to be a whole lot more generous with what’s he’s got in his magic bag for the kids to be excited about what he’s giving them.

On the other hand, a lot of the adjustments were clearly needed.  Mini-mines was an instant, medium-cost Tier 2 power that was doing more damage than changed up, high-cost Tier 3 powers.   Perhaps the reason why the nerfs seem so radical is that there’s a communication problem resulting in the wrong powers getting adjusted along with the right?

I’ve got a six month subscription so, for me, the answer is easy: wait and see if they get around to realizing this on their own before those 6 months are up.  I just hope the game manages to remain afloat.

To an extent, I’m having fun.  I do enjoy thinking.  They just gave all 8 of my characters, ranging between level 12 and 29, a free full retcon.  Oh, the fun I could have playing with these!  I swear, I’m going to give myself an aneurysm trying to solve that age old question, “which, out of the infinite choices in character generation this game provides, is right for me?”


Nearly a year ago, I said I’d grab Drakensang if it came down to $20.  A Direct2Drive promotion has the game on sale for $5!  It’s downloading as I write this.

I also paused mid-completion of Chrono Cross, I should probably finish that while I’ve still a console that can read the disc.

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