Champions Online Burnout Achieved

I’ve often mentioned on my BYOND blog that I was “busily burning myself out from Champions Online” on the grounds that I know it’s not that all that productive to spend a lot of time merely playing a game when I could be making one.  However, in a perfect world, I would never really achieve being burnt out because the game would continue to entertain indefinitely.

One of the main reasons Champions Online has kept me this long is the same reason that City of Heroes managed to pull so many hours from me: because there’s so many different ways you can create a character.  However, at only a fraction of the time City of Heroes has kept me, it appears that I am now thoroughly burnt out from Champions Online.

In my not-really-a-farewell-post-so-much-as-a-feedback-post-where-I-explain-I-won’t-be-playing-as-much thread I basically sum of the problem as a lack of true diversity of play, along with an admission that people get bored of any game eventually.  I probably put somewhere around 250-400 hours into the game, so that’s not bad, but it’s not 1600 City of Heroes hours either.

I haven’t really got to the end game yet, my highest are in their early 30s. Maybe I’ll grind (*shudder*) there just because I’m curious to see how the story ends. The tough part for an altaholic like myself is picking my poison… but it is easier to do if you’re in a mindset that there is no right answer right now.


If I had a some spare change on hand, I think I would look into Fallen Earth.  I played the beta, and one thing that impressed me about the game is that they got the MMORPG focus right.  Fallen Earth is a game with reasonable gameplay that nonetheless manages to hook the player because they get invested in their part in the game world.  Champions Online is a game with good gameplay that unfortunately doesn’t have much in the way of meaningful player investment – it has a very hands off, casual feel to it.

On the other hand, Fallen Earth was a buggy SOB and incredibly kludgey in places.  If you want to wield a machine gun in that game, somebody (probably you) would have spent hundreds of hours in crafting so you could.  It’s remarkable just how endearing the game is considering what it puts the players through.  Consequently, I  wouldn’t spend more than $20 on the box, even if I would spend $15/mo on the subscription.

Considering this, I’m relatively content with my 6 month subscription to Champions Online…  I’m just not going to play it very much.  I do have some interesting little games to play instead.

  • Brutal Legend – I could have rented it, but I decided to buy it because I really wanted to support Double Fine.   I haven’t regretted the purchase.
  • Scribblenauts – somewhat, anyway: being able to summon up most reasonable objects you can think of loses its pull when most of those items are remarkably useless or their use is defeated by the overly simple physics.  Still, it manages to cudgel a chortle out of me when incredible and unexpected things happen, so I’m not done with it.
  • Professor Layton And The Curious Village – I’ll probably be canceling my GameFly subscription again due to a general lack of time to really justify a game subscription plan right now, but probably not before I spend a little more money I don’t have to keep this diamond.
  • Mount & Blade and Drakensang: The Dark Eye – The only two games really worth $5 apiece when Direct2Drive ran it’s “turns 5” campaign.  (Although this is coming at it avoiding RTS and FPS.)

However, none of these games really take up the same amount of time as would an MMORPG, and that’s good.  I think my time would better be spent working on my own little creations.

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