2009 For Me Is Wrapping Up

As common knowledge would indicate, failure to update this blog regularly would result in the world stopping spinning, causing the Earth to heat disproportionately and bring about the end times.

Thus, out of the great responsibilities this brings to me, I am creating a blog entry about my easiest of topics: what I’ve been up to since the last blog entry.

The Strange Mental Snafus Of Advanced Senior Syndrome

The semester is wrapping up.  December 18th is the end of finals week, and school doesn’t start up again until January 11th.  I’m looking very much forward to having 3 weeks off.  So forward, it would seem, that I’ve completely checked out.

I’ve a few big projects to turn in looming dangerously close, but I haven’t moved them beyond the conceptual stage.  Honestly, I’ve put off the vast majority of projects this semester until the very last minute… sometimes well after the very last minute.  I know it’s not the right thing to do, but it’s a mental block, advanced senior syndrome at work.

This wouldn’t be the first semester that ended with me feeling a bit like a bird self-conscious that it is flying into a windshield, but I’ve pulled out of this death dive before, so perhaps there’s just enough of me left that gives a damn about school to see things through in time.

Gaming Life: More Of The Same

Last week, I could be mostly found playing Mass Effect with a little bit of X3 Terran Conflict mixed in for good measure.  In the former case, I’m hoping to have a save game ready for import when the sequel drops next month – I’m probably about 75% through the game at this point.  In the later case, I’m hoping to find some redeeming reason for having spent so much time building a virtual merchant empire – I’m quite close to affording an M7 frigate, probably a Cerberus.

This weekend, I’m proud of myself: I actually did quite a bit of game development yesterday.  The secret to my success?  Listen to music while working: it makes the time spent plugging in code that may well be discarded later seem almost like time I spent being entertained.

Given the great success I had Friday, I thought I might replicate the schedule by doing a little gaming in the morning, spending most of the day doing game development, and then do a little gaming before going to bed.  Unfortunately, I ended up going out a lot on Saturday so that plan didn’t quite pan out.

Direct2Drive Is Going to Bankrupt Me

Direct2Drive is running a fairly awesome “21 days of Christmas” special right now.  So far, they’ve offered the following games, cunningly offered on a 24 hour clock so as to coax much impulse buying:

  • Mirror’s Edge for $5.  An artsy, highly technically advanced game for less than I’d pay for the average fast food meal?  Okay, that one was a no brainer – cha-ching!
  • The Witcher.  Although the general consensus is that this is a remarkably good RPG (indeed, it does have a fairly riveting story) I found the pace to be overly slow and the gameplay mechanic to not be at all involving.  Another con is that the titular character is apparently a complete gigolo who would sleep with a walking corpse (and, in fact, is given the option) in a collectible card side activity that is less fantasy romance and more flagrantly marking his conquests.  Regardless, I already had this game and bored of it before barely getting into it, so pass.
  • The Need For Speed: Shift.  This is a great auto racing game.  A pity I don’t like auto racing games.  I think I probably played some bad one in the past that completely turned me off the entire genre.  Pass.
  • Command And Conquer Red Alert 3, including Uprising expansion, for $20.  About 50-66% off, depending on how cheap the Uprising expansion goes for.  I almost passed on this one, since I’m sort of sick of RTS games, but then I always did like the stylistic approach in the Red Alert series, it’s prettier than Supreme Commander, and I am a bit of a power-mongering mastermind at heart… so I went for it.
  • Prototype, for $20.   Another one of those “artsy, highly advanced” game, this one is a bit like Crackdown with a freaky alien nihilistic bent and better physics.  I’ve been wanting to try out this game, and $20 was the sweet spot.  Not bad for a relatively cutting-edge 6 month old game!

There’s many days left in this Direct2Drive sale, and I’ve little doubt I’ll find some more things to shell out for.  Unfortunately, I haven’t really had the time to play any of these acquisitions between everything else I’m currently doing, but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with stocking up on primo gamage on the cheap so I’ll have something to do over the holidays.

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