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I’ve relocated.  For the time being, try http://geldonsgaming.blogspot.com

An (Even Better) Scheme For Easy Content Production

A few days ago I decided to post up “ignored forum posts” and “critical game reviews” on the grounds that nobody takes the time to read the first (when I may have thought they were rather good) and the later because I play a lot of games with a rather unusual perspective of somebody who has been playing games habitually for decades.

In retrospect, I’ve decided to limit “ignored forum posts” to the subject of computer games.  After covering the topic of Eugenics, Insanity, and Intelligence vs Age, I realized that I’m just coming off as pretentious and overly self-interested.  Besides, I’ve already a fairly formidable stake in covering gaming, which is my primary hobby anyway, so I’d best stick to the subject of games alone.

While I’m at it, I think I’ll jump back over to my blogger spot over at geldonsgaming.blogspot.com.

WordPress.com is a very effective hosting solution for blogging, their Digg integration was one of the many features that brought me here, but I am a bit bothered that they won’t let me edit my CSS without paying, nor monetize in any way while inserting their own advertising.  The WordPress guys might be the coolest cats on the Internet but, dude, 100% of the take plus pay you for most customizations is not a fair trade for content generation, even factoring in hosting and the WordPress software.

I Want To Quit You, Internet

I managed to land a probation on The Escapist the other day.  Though I question the logic of nailing me with “trolling/obnoxious behavior” over a post that largely endeavors to get the other party to stop with the trolling/obnoxious behavior, I nonetheless interpret this as a sign:  I’ve become a surly, surly man.

I blame you, Internet.


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