Persona 3

According to some Zen books I’ve read, our ego grows a mask of sorts, an interface with reality that grows as we streamline quick ways to get what we want.  However, in doing so it limits us, preventing us from seeing the truth of the situation by being unable to see past our own interfaces.  The task of an enlightened individual is to transcend this, to destroy our masks and face life truthfully and with consideration for every moment.

So it’s interesting to see the interpretation in Persona 3, my most recent GameFly rental, where these self-limiting masks become entities which can be summoned and used to do battle against shadow fiends existing in a hidden 25th hour between the days.  These masks are the Persona in the title.

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Caged Birds Don’t Sing

One of the very first bits of advice I was given on my BYOND page was a snarky remark based off of a recent advice post which basically said, “If you announce what you’re working on, you’re going to be robbed of the motivation to do it.”

I scoffed at that on the grounds that I couldn’t see that as being all that concrete. However, as of late, motivation flagging, I’m thinking perhaps there’s something to it after all. In taking it seriously, the brain cogs started turning, I decided that it probably has to do with the idea that caged birds shouldn’t sing.

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Today, because it was easier than forcing myself to get back to work on BYOND, I gave Second Life a spin.

I often thought of Second Life as being the game which invited the players in to make their own world from scratch, and consequently was ruined because too many players are too immature to be trusted with the responsibility when given the anonymity of an online experience.

The reality was several times worse.

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I Hate Puzzle-Quest: Galactrix

Well, the demo is out (even a flash version) and apparently the game is to be released February 24th.

The original Puzzle Quest was renowned by a number of reviewers, fetching a remarkably high review index. However, after playing the demo of Galactrix, I have to say, I absolutely loathe this game.

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Defensing My Imagined Online Fables To The BYOND

Over the past few days, I’ve been more or less engaged with more of the same as was described in the previous entry.

Defense Grid: Purchased (and 10+ hours later, main campaign finished).

Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online: Investigating.  (It’s free.)

Fable II: Ignored (for no good reason).

BYOND: Neglected (- as a self-employed fellow, I’m a lousy taskmaster).

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Respite: Fallout 3, Fable II, Defense Grid, Shin Megami Tensai Imagine

Take a look at GameFaq’s top accessed games and you’ll see as good of cross-section of what gamers are playing as anything.  Right now, we’re apparently forgiving Fallout 3’s bad ending and giving it another spin.  At least, that’s what I did, developing a plugin for it before, once again, getting thoroughly sick of it.

I also played quite a bit of game #2 on that list, Fable II, and so far I’ve been enjoying it.  It’s more epic than the original Fable on all accounts, although the weapon and armor choices have largely been dumped for cosmetic concerns.  The only reason I’m not playing it right now is because I’m feeling a bit guilty about all the time it’s eaten when I should be doing something more productive, like look for work or program something.

I gave the demo of Defend Grid: The Awakening a try, and I have to say that it thoroughly impressed me in terms of being an extremely refined tower defense game.  I honestly expected they were simply copping the tower defense formula to the cheapest degree and turning it 3D, but clearly I was mistaken.  Here is a very serious attempt to bring Tower Defense and high production values together, and the result feels like a modern RTS.   At $20, it’s a steal, I’m shelling out for it.

#5 on our GameFaqs list is Persona 4.  I haven’t played any game from the Persona series, and considering the artistic flair that the series is known for, that’s nothing to be proud of.  (Perhaps I’ll tweak my Gamefly queue appropriately.)  However, I have been playing a bit of the Open Beta for Shin Megami Tensai Imagine, a massively multiplayer take on the series.

In terms of game quality, Shin Megami Tensai Imagine is still very much following the Eastern formulae of MMORPG, which has a heavy emphasis on community and the grind.  However, it does have a few redeeming qualities, such as having a rock/paper/scissors combo combat system, and additional involvement in that everyone is essentially playing a pet class by building their own menagerie of demons to command.

Persona Megami Tensai Imagine It emerges as far deeper than your average EverQuest clone, and isn’t that what we’ve always been wanting?  That it will be free-to-play doesn’t hurt, either.  My only regret about the game is that I’m forced to roll up an androgynous teenager as a character.

That’s pretty much all I’ve been up to lately.  I really should get back to work on creating my own game, but for the time being it seems I’ve found a pocket of entertainment that isn’t completely exhausted.

Fallout 3 Plugins, Contact, Circuit Defenders

Well, shoot, I’m pretty thoroughly off the game development pony right now.  Considering I’m just sitting around the house applying for work in a smaller-than-usual number of employment opportunities, I probably should try to apply myself a bit too, otherwise my brain is going to implode from sheer disuse.

Over the past few days, I recall giving Fallout 3 another spin as well as living up to my “start playing new games, not keep playing the same old game” pledge in trying out Contact and Circuit Defenders.

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