About this Blog and the Author

About the Author

Geldon Yetichsky is a fictional name used out of good netiquette. The person behind the name has been following computer games for over two decades and at the time of this writing is a University student seeking a degree in Digital Technology and Culture.

(For this particular entry, this author likes to write of himself in third person.  “Because it looks better that way,” he thinks.  Well, lets switch back to first person for the rest of this, shall we?)

About “Digitally Staving Off Boredom”

Digitally Staving Off Boredom is a collection of thoughts and observations all aspects of digital entertainment.  My particular expertise is in computer games, which I have diligently (perhaps “habitually” would be a better word) been playing for 25 years at great cost to my potential social life opportunities.

This is blog not specifically just that.  Where my muse will take me, even I don’t know. However, history has shown that the gamut of subjects covered include but are not limited to:

  • Consideration of better game design philosophy.
  • Particularly good games that I feel need more attention.
  • Reflection on other kinds of recently observed multimedia (movies, television, music, ect).
  • Produced music (most likely created with Ableton Live LE) or fiction.
  • Observations not related to gaming, but rather questionably deep thoughts about life itself that I felt like sharing.  (These tend to get moderated the most on account of their highly biased nature.)

I’m painfully aware of how boring it is when all I do is discuss what I’ve been playing lately and why it bores me.  I’m attempting to keep those entries to a minimum.  My current goal is to try to have something interesting in every entry for somebody other than myself.

This Blog Is Temporal Art

I like to edit and improve my posts after they are published.  This annoys some people, they think perhaps that it’s immoral to improve entries and clarify points after I write them.  I disagree: I think it’s immoral not to.

  • Posts should be improved as I overcome points of initial ignorance, or else they serve only to propagate that ignorance further.
  • Posts should be clarified so that future readers may understand the posts as they are intended.
  • Posts should be cut if they are needlessly long or written under false (probably overly emotional) pretenses.

In short, I believe that the Blogger or newscaster should not be a small man in a box who never learns, or else he is a foolish one to listen to indeed – little better than an inanimate sign on the street corner speaking words he knows not the meaning of.

I endeavor to be something better: a thinker.  As such, I find it a moral imperative to not propagate ignorance, to clarify my points, and to boil them down to the essential truths within.  Knowing something is wrong with my posts and leaving them that way is an oversight at best and deliberate societal sabotage at worst.

If you truly think one of my posts is absolute perfection, or perhaps you just would like evidence of my human imperfections, I recommend making a copy.

Disclaimers, Copyright Notices, and Other Pleas For Attention

Content not created by me is intended to be in full compliance with Fair Use law. If you feel any content presented here is infringing upon on your rights, please contact me via the comment form on the appropriate entry and I will attempt to meet a reasonable accommodation with you.

Sometimes, I provide free music and other content I have created. Unless otherwise noted, you are granted permission to download and distribute them so long as you keep credit where it is due. Send those admirers my way – I don’t get out much, I could use the social contacts and (not to mention) potential employment opportunities that could bring.


If you enjoy my Blog and would like to contribute to future efforts, here is provided a secure donation via PayPal.  I could use this money to purchase better features through WordPress.  On the other hand, if everybody on the Internet gave me a dollar I’d be ready for early retirement.  I’ll probably spam away either way, but a little validation wouldn’t hurt.

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