Project Cyberverse: One Week Down

Since my muse was rekindled on Tuesday, I continued to invest a lot of effort into putting something together in BYOND.  I’m going to take a break this weekend and get back to work on Monday.

To an extent, I’m enjoying this enough that I don’t want to take a break, but I understand that taking a bit of guilt-free fun is actually an essential focus to stave off procrastination (at least according to The Now Habit).  This new “work M-F, play on weekends” gig will be my new schedule until somebody hires me.  Being able to self-motivate myself like this is perhaps the first real step of self-employment.

Project Cyberverse (tentative, not-at-all-precious-enough title to worry about registering a domain or anything) is not a humongous project.  I’m trying to keep it simple enough to finish it.

The design – my main hurdle – is largely worked out in terms of overall scope of how the parts are working together. In terms of overall scope, I’m about a quarter complete. I can’t see the future, but my prognosis is good.

So, let the tipping of my hand begin. Just bear in mind that none of this is set in stone. Most of what I’ll be saying is abstract, describing the philosophy behind what I’m making, so I don’t paint myself into any corners. What can I say? I like my creative freedom.

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